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Live-Fi makes it easy for you to directly connect and engage with live audiences.




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Sponsored Messaging & Advertising Support

Live-Fi offers the opportunity to push messaging or advertising during web browsing sessions that link to internal campaigns or to sponsor websites for special offers, attendee-only discounts, or other engagement especially reserved for ticket-holders. These messages can be scheduled throughout the event, and changed on the fly to provide interactive messaging, improving fan and guest engagement for the most lucrative leads possible: potential customers who are already on premises.

Ticket and Merchandise Sales, Future Event Promotions 

Live-Fi enables venue managers the ability to sell their next event to their most likely prospects by inserting a call to action directly to attendees on their network.  Similarly, Concessions and Merchandise Managers are able to send compelling offers to drive sales in real-time.

Membership Offers & Mailing List Sign-ups

Live-Fi provides a platform for event managers to continue marketing and engagement beyond the event through email capture and opt-in campaigns.   With a captive-portal, exclusive custom content can be made available to incentivize the opt-in process.

Total Dashboard Control

Live-Fi offers the control you need to quickly adapt to different events. The Live-Fi appliance sits between your guests and the wireless network, seamlessly gathering uniquely identifying information and providing it to you in an easily digestible format. It features a captive portal system that allows you to require the user to accept terms and conditions or leave access wide open; to blacklist sites preventing the delivery of objectionable content, or to create a “walled garden” using whitelisting.

Data Retrieval

In addition to user tracking, Live-Fi can also be configured to transparently cache data, including application installations for iOS devices and the Apple App Store, as well as any unencrypted web data. The appliance also includes a standard Apache web server to allow you to host any desirable user experience entirely within the venue, and provide unique experiences for ticketed customers.