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2013 NBA All Star Game Wi-Fi Powered by SignalShare

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2013 NBA All Star Game Wi-Fi Powered by SignalShare

The 2013 NBA All Star Weekend played host to not only the greatest talent in basketball today and a tribute to a 50 year old Michael Jordan, but also to what is now a full permutation of technology in sports.  The last time Houston played host to the All Star Game in 2006, NBA Commissioner David Stern claimed to be just warming up to using e-mail.  In just 8 years, the experience has become a digital hybrid not only for fans at home, but has become a full hybrid event, enhancing and changing the way fans watch the game at the stadium

Fans of the game were given free access to Wi-Fi and took full advantage of fast, clear connectivity.  The Toyota Center Wi-Fi, a project fully developed and installed by nGage enabled fans access to Social Media, The NBA All Star App, and a host of other digital platforms during the game.

As fans continue to demand connectivity, and technology continues to advance, we see the need for increased bandwidth to continue to grow.  The fan connected device is more a part of the experience as it not only provides insight in real time to the events on the court, it also connects the individual to events and the moment that goes beyond social media check ins and checking scores. -The technology is part of the whole.  As teams, content providers and technology partners work together, they create an enhanced experience that is interactive and at the same time harnesses the emotion of a live event.

nGage is a proud partner of The Toyota Center and seeks to continue to enable the digital intersection between sports and technology.

SignalShare specializes in mobile engagement for mass audiences. The company optimizes wireless networks and empowers data-driven digital marketing initiatives to help organizers of large-scale live events connect with fans and guests in entirely new ways. SignalShare’s proprietary audience engagement platform, Live-Fi, leverages real-time analytics and dynamic messaging to deliver location-aware customized content – including offers, discounts and call-to-actions – to attendees’ mobile devices during events. Top sports, entertainment and corporate brands, including The Sands Expo, Sacramento Kings, Houston Rockets, Indiana Pacers, IBM and the US Open rely on SignalShare to provide an exceptional fan experience.
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